Canceling the #15WeeksToBlog Challenge

Hey there! I’ve decided to cancel #15WeeksToBlog challenge I set for myself to stay motivated to blog more often. I started it whilst the #100DaysToBlog / #100DaysToOffload challenges trended on mastodon, knowing very well that I don’t want additional incentives for spending time in front of a screen daily and writing something supposedly “offloading”. The spirit pushed me towards reviving my own blog though and I tried the weekly blog post to find a fitting level between regular posts and the time and resources to give them enough depth so I don’t see them as irrelevant and “just another guys random thoughts on the internet”. I’ve steadily but slowly been working on blog posts since then, but time is even more sparse than I expected (between the covid19-pandemic related inconveniences, some contract work, searching for a more permanent job, arriving and furnishing the new apartment and taking care of three kids bustling around the home), so weekly and even bi-weekly posts is nothing I can commit to right now.

There’s more posts about Nix and NixOS in the pipeline and I also want to document my recent encounters building a small multi-apartment network based on OpenWRT enabled hardware. They’ll be published when they’re done. Might be next week, but could just as well be next month. So give this blog an occasional visit or subscribe to the RSS feed if you’re interested in those topics. Thanks!

Feel free to contact me via mail or mastodon if you’ve got any notes on this post or start a public discussion via this blogs github issue tracker. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed to stay tuned!

Written on June 8, 2020